More About Hayley

I don’t claim to be a professional here, but with over 10 years of working on this journey and practice… there is a world of insight to share.

Honestly, I hated searching, digging, desperately trying to find solution after solution for the problems that popped up in my body, mind, even spiritually. I’ve spent more money than you can imagine developing myself into where I’m at today ( over $15,000 in self-development to be precise. ) I don’t say that to boast, or to be rude, I say it as a visual. I’m someone willing to invest in learning more because the internet simply hasn’t satisfied my hunger for knowledge.

Over the years I’ve encountered hundreds of inspiring humans, with stories and tricks to share. My goal here is to start getting their wisdom on ‘paper’ as well as my own. My vision was to develop a resource blog where you wouldn’t HAVE to dig anymore. If you don’t find the answers, simply ask, I’ll pull my resources to work to find an answer.

I’m spiritual AF, Wiccan by trade, but frankly, all that really means is I believe our bodies, minds, souls are magikal- and the Earth is our greatest tool for healing.

For those of you open-minded, searching for support- welcome. For those of you skeptical- well I welcome you too. I don’t really mind what your opinions might be, because all we need to know as beings is our own truth. As for me I’ve seen more “Miracles & Manifestations” with my own two eyes than fathomable. This is why I passionately find myself fueled by holistic healing practices. When you see the things I’ve seen, it’s impossible not to believe there are natural solutions to everything, it starts with an unwavering belief.

Some fun facts about me:

*I’m a goo-ball over Tony Robins , his Unleash the Power Within Chicago Seminar changed my world.

* I have an unexplainable love for Pin-Up and Vintage fashion

* I have a weird suspicion I was an ice-skater/ dancer in a past life

* Naked animals are my spirit animals, Xolo, Sphinx, Pigs, Molerats, you name it.

* I’ve read The Secret at least 10 times on audio tape

* I actually hate having my picture taken.

* I’ve traveled the world for years with an International Organization called Up with People spreading hope, and global unity with an international cast of 100.

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