A Simple Cure for Comedones

A Simple Cure for Comedones

Today we are battling more than just COVID-19, for many with troubled skin… we are fighting mask-acne. One of the most common forms of acne I’ve been seeing among the community this year has been comedones or subclinical acne. These stubborn little bumps are sometimes the most frustrating because they seem impossible to remove once they’ve surfaced. Fortunately, I’ve had years of experience battling and conquering this particular type of acne, and I have some advice to share.

What are Comedones (Subclinical Acne)?

Surely you may notice the dots that concentrate on the top of this models forehead? They do not produce whiteheads, but instead surface to the skin as if in braille. These tiny skin colored pests often centralize on the forehead and cheeks, but are not limited to these areas.

Essentially, comedones are blackheads that are closed. The follicle becomes blocked, whereas open comedones are the more recognizable blackheads.

How Can I Treat My Comedones Holistically?

As my skin was FINALLY clearing after YEARS of effort, the comedone train came a-chuggin’. You can imagine and likely relate, to my frustration. After clearing the cystic, pussy, angry acne these bumps wouldn’t budge. It took me longer than I’d care to admit to piece together the solution.

The simple solution? I turned to my younger sisters actually.

You see when they were reaching their later teen years (they are twins by the way) they both had developed subclinical acne heavily on the forehead. Our mother was going through her Norwex phase ( which you’ll hear me refer to a lot, not from a sales standpoint but simply I’M A FAN ). They have these body and makeup removing towels, we had a bunch of them laying around the house and the twins were regularly washing their faces daily and nightly with them. What’s unique about the towels is they are lined with silver fibers that allegedly reduce microbial bacteria from surfaces and from the towel itself. It’s also helpful on the exfoliation front, and most importantly you don’t need to wash your face with any chemicals at all. Just take the towel, rinse it with water, and BOOM, you’re done.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how long it took for their skin to clear up in days, but I remember how quickly it happened. They were glowing and happy and CONFIDENT. Since then both of them rarely wear any makeup at all, which is more than I can say. It didn’t take much convincing for me to jump on that bandwagon, and truthfully? I haven’t looked back since.

The key to comedones I’ve learned is GENTLE EXFOLIATION. So many of us have a tendency to panic exfoliate as if that will magically solve all of our problems instantly. Your acne is not an etch-a-sketch, it can not so easily be erased without patience and strategy.

*Norwex is a green initiative brand focusing on limiting single-use cleaning supplies. As stated on the Norwex website ” NORWEX MICROFIBER REMOVES UP TO 99% OF BACTERIA FROM SURFACES“.

My two favorite products to smash comedones quickly and gently.

My General Manager in her early 50’s approached me recently about her comedones, the mask was making adult acne set in for her for the first time in a lifetime it seems. As the holistic hippie of course I hit her with my two favorite suggestions.

1. Pore Vacuums and PMD

PMD: One of my favorite tools years and best acne-fighting ally was the Personal Microderm Device (PMD) which uses a spinning exfoliating disc and vacuum suction to gently (or aggressively) exfoliate the skin easily at home.

The Verdict: Though I used it heavily for years and still own the device, I moved onto less expensive alternatives to exfoliation. As the replacement disc packs are about $20-$22 and need to be replaced frequently.

Krasr Comedo Suction Microdermabrasion Machine: Later I made the switch from the expensive replacement discs to the Krasr Vacuum which I now recommend as a highly cost-effective and powerful alternative to treating comedones and exfoliation. Remember my General Manager I mentioned earlier? This was the device I recommended to her and she has since completely eliminated her subclinical mask-acne.

The Verdict: This is a tool that stays charged I’ve found FOREVER and rarely needs replacement pieces. For me, it has been just as effective as my PMD. You can find the Original Krasr online or you can find identical tools on Amazon below. A TIP: Look for a pore vacuum that has the microcrystalline exfoliation tip!

2. Norwex and Gentle Exfoliating Towels

Norwex Body and Make-Up Removing Towels: I’ll recommend these until the death. These towels have a HUGE credit towards my clear skin journey and cleared up both of my younger sister’s comedones. They can gently or more aggressively exfoliate based on the amount of water you use and pressure applied. Just water and this towel leaves my skin feeling incredibly fresh and clean.

This beautiful feature photo is credited to @melanie_kreutz

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