The Caveman Regimen for Acne Treatment

The Caveman Regimen for Acne Treatment

So you’ve stumbled across the Caveman Regimen for Acne Treatment, and you’re wondering … wtf? Is this thing for real? Or perhaps you’re just stumbling across this method for the first time and you haven’t even begun to truly dive-in.

First I’ll explain, but please bear with me, I don’t want to scare you off too soon. You’ll also find PLENTY of my very personal, vulnerable photos of this journey to healing.

What is the Caveman Regimen?
The Caveman Regimen is a method in which you bring your face back to basics, stripping down to the paleo lifestyle for the skin- if you will.

What does this mean?
This means you will need to commit to cutting out facewashes, toners, makeup, exfoliants, masks, moisturizers ( occasionally I would use Jojoba if my skin felt dry )… you name it.

WHY!?!? How will this help?
First, not to get political on you, but THERE IS SO MUCH BRAINWASHING OUT THERE. It made sense when I first understood this concept. Acne is a normal part of puberty, but we a kids would panic. The beauty industry prays on this insecurity, promising us clear skin if we use their products. But did it really work? No. Our hormones as teenagers is just a normal process of the body especially when we consider our diets, genetics and environment. So we buy all the products and we begin the vicious cycle. Believing that without those acidic face washes we will be doomed.


So into adulthood we bring with us those terrible habits, wash, wash, wash, scrub, scrub, scrub. What we’ve been trained to do by the beauty industry is to wash our bodies natural defenses down the drain. Our skin, being our largest organ, is more than capable of fighting acne and healing itself- but we’ve weakened it.

Is this starting to click?

Though there are hoards of research that backs me up, I enjoy the simple explanation from the New York Times (2019) , ” All of those products are making your skin worse!” … duh. It’s part of our addiction, the vicious cycle. In order to keep purchasing these products, we must have a need for them to continuously keep changing because our acne changes too.

These companies want our money, they don’t think about your deep desire to have clear, healthy skin. Why would they? You wouldn’t need them anymore if you could truly get your skin under control.

The Science is within the ‘Acid Mantle’, what is it exactly?

The Acid Mantle is a term you may have never heard about before, yet we all have it. I truly believe understanding the power of this layer of the skin, was what transformed my skin journey in both speed and results.

The Acid Mantle is a film the sits on the top layer of our skin (faces), it is naturally acidic, and much like ear wax is to the ears- the acid mantle is a layer that protects our skin from bacteria. It protects our skin from potential contaminants, and is a natural enemy to surface level acne.

So why the Caveman Regimen Again?

Well you see the Caveman Regimen means less is more, using only water to wash your face. What this does it is allows our HEAVILY damaged and non-existent acid mantles to resurface. When we can regenerate this essential layer of the face, we can truly begin healing our acne issues full-force.

There is a fabulous Dermatology research study that breaks this down if you’d like to further your understanding of this layer of the skin. Read more about the Acid Mantle and its importance to fighting acne here.

This sounds terrible, how can I only wash my face with water!?

I’m not going to sugarcoat this babe, it was scary for me too. In fact I was stupid enough to try this (for the first time) while traveling with my international group around the world. Needless to say I panicked and reverted back to my old ways… until I was safe in my own country, my own home, where I felt less seen.

Like many things in life, when you begin treatment often it gets WORSE before it gets better. With acne, that can be a crippling thought. Worse? HOW IN THE HELL CAN THIS GET WORSE? Well, I swear, it’s worth the leap of faith. We do crazy things in the name of self confidence and this is a brave first step.

What can I expect from this treatment?

You can expect your acne will get worse for a very brief period of time. Like any addiction your face is detoxing from the reliance of chemicals. Once you get past the hump you can expect to see a dramatic change in how your face handles itself. A pimple’s life is reduced to virtually nothing, less clusters, your skin will start to look healthy again. For some this is the only treatment they will need to handle their acne issues, for others, this is simple the first and largest step. Either way, it’s a necessary evil.

Okay, what do I do?

Well here’s the deal, the ‘Original’ Caveman Regimen was too scary for me too, and for my skin type, it wasn’t practical. Typically you would not wash your face at all, no water. Some Caveman enthusiasts say water is okay but with restrictions.

Here’s MY regimen.

If you’re in a HARD WATER STATE ( Heavy metals and minerals in your tap water like Arizona, Nevada, etc. ) I highly recommend a shower filter, tap filter, or just wash your face with filtered water from the fridge ( but a shower filter is far easier.)

Step 1: Water
Step 2: Norwex Antibacterial Microfiber
Step 3: Very occasionally you can use Jojoba if you’re feeling dry.
I will link Amazon below for easy previews of these products I use every day, even years later.

Wash your face in the shower or before bed with ONLY water. I hate the idea of dirt resting on my face, so I GENTLY use a Norwex towel soaked in water to get the ‘clean feel’ of a job well done.

Why Norwex? Isn’t that an MLM?

YUP. Sure is! I don’t sell Norwex personally, but frankly I buy enough of them to consider it.

Honestly, it was just fate. My mother started buying them to clean the house and found the ‘Face Towels’. She loved them so much she gave myself and my two younger sisters a 3 pack to try. All three of us saw the same results just using Norwex & Water. The twins had their subclinical, stubborn forehead acne cleared up. I had begun seeing major results in my temples and cheeks.

The different is they have Silver fibers that fend off bacteria. Just hang, let them dry and reuse without immediately needing to wash. I wash mine every few days, I don’t dry them, NEVER use FABRIC SOFTENER.

So why Norwex? Because that s**# works. I don’t really care what anyone’s opinion of an MLM might be when it works, I support it. When it works, I tell people about it.

How long do I keep up this “Caveman Regimen”?
Well that’s entirely up to you isn’t it? Though I will say it’s been many years and I still am on it, there isn’t any reason for me not to be. The only difference is after the first couple months I started reincorporating gentle skin enhancing treatments like natural masks, lotions, Jojoba, I wear makeup again and gently wash it off with water. No soaps. No harsh stripping chemicals and acids. Just my hands, my water, and my towel.

In conclusion…

There you have it! If you’ve been reading about the Caveman Regimen, or if this is your first time and you’re curious enough to take the leap. Go for it! I too have seen the negative blogs, the ‘haters’, or as Arnie Swartz says the “Nay-Sayers”. Who cares! My dear, we are all built differently, but our skin is uniquely built with the same magical layer of protection, start healing your bodies natural defenses, and let’s take your journey from there.

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