Oregano Oil Treatment for Infections

Oregano Oil Treatment for Infections

*Disclaimer* The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information on Healed Holistically is for informational purposes. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you suspect you need emergent medical care, call 911 or your physician immediately, DO NOT ATTEMPT to holistically treat.

I’ve used the treatment you’ll read about for many, many infections, in one story you’ll read about gang green (which in every other circumstance YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION FOR… more to that story next), UTIs, I’ve confused doctors by treating my ear infections successfully, basically when I know I have an infection in the non-critical stages… this is my go-to.

I’m a storyteller, it’s most definitely my nature to explain the HOW’s and WHY’s of these discoveries I’ve made over the years. So we begin with a story of how exactly this miracle treatment became known to me.

I was 18 years old and living with my ‘boyfriend’ of sorts (long irrelevant story). The details of how he came home with a major cut in his hand are lost to me, but he did get into a screaming match and punched something sharp.

Blood was EVERYWHERE. (Cue really inappropriate Aziz Ansari ‘Jizz Everywhere’ in Sign Language reference here… it’s the best way I can describe that blood was indeed EVERYWHERE. See the bit here for a quick laugh afterward.

Well for a bit of background, we were knee deep in poverty. I mean… eating canned chicken, ramen and sauteed in Tapatio sauce… poverty. We didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford to pay for more than one visit to the Urgent Care in a 3-5 month period.

As you can imagine he procrastinated getting medical attention, and it became grossly infected. After the pain became unbearable, we took him to Urgent Care only to find out he was developing a gang green infection on his hand and could be at risk for losing it if he didn’t get on antibiotics immediately. So we picked up the prescription and he began treating it properly.

Two. Days. Later.
I walk into his bedroom to find nothing is there, just his little adorable, really not sharp little inbred pittie Kojack. His room had been robbed bone dry, with (fortunately) the exception of the dog, and a picture of his baby brother the robber urinated on.

You might ask what else was stolen in the apartment… nothing. You see this was a targeted attack on my once man, for not paying his drug debts (yes, charming I realize). You’ll be happy to hear this was strictly for weed, back when weed still needed to be bought by shady thugs who overcharged.

Well, even the antibiotics were stolen to our surprise and concern. We soon learned you couldn’t get that prescription refilled especially only two days into the treatment. He was screwed.

I called my Step-Mother (henceforth and well deserved, referred to as my mother) who is a medical professional. Panicking I told her I was scared for him, his hand, his life.

That is when she told me about Oregano Oil. Using this remedy aggressively, we holistically cleared up his infection to our surprise. I’ve never turned back.

Again, I truly don’t recommend avoiding medical attention, especially in emergent situations such as this story explains. However I understand, sometimes we are desperate and out of options, I want you to know there are solutions. Be safe, be smart, use your intuition, and listen to your body first, please.

For me, I am prone to adult ear infections, back then it costed me many visits to the Urgent Care that I couldn’t afford. Since this discovery, I’ve managed to heal all ear infections holistically.



1 OZ – Reusable Glass Dropper Bottle
10-15 Drops of Oregano Oil ( 100% Pure – High Carvacrol )
Top off with High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
( Preferrably Cold-Pressed Unrefined when possible )

*For Topical Treatments*
Unrefined Coconut Oil can be substituted, this is most commonly used to remedy herpes sores.

1. Let me STRESS, you’ll ABSOLUTELY need a CARRIER OIL. Oregano oil can be unbearably spicy, it can burn sensitive areas of the skin without being properly diluted.

2. Please shake aggressively once all ingredients are added to the dropper bottle. Also shake before each use.

3. For best results, take ONE large dropper orally, 3 times a day. It will be likely spicy, I really like the taste now after years but it’s certainly gross to many getting started. Wash it down with a water shot, Orange Juice, etc.

4. Like an ANTIBIOTIC this treatment must be committed to once started. This means you’ll need to treat every day for at least 7 days, I typically go a few days more just to be safe.

You might be asking if Oregano Oil pills are a strong alternative, yes. Personally it’s more cost effective and a stronger dose following the recipe above, however high quality Oregano Oil pills I also use when travelling.

As always please feel free to send along questions, and comments.

Please, PLEASE, do not treat children with infections using this method. I am a firm believer that children have undeveloped immune systems, always be on the safe side and seek medical attention if a child develops an infection.

Use holistics as preventatives for children, not solutions, it’s not worth the risk they can’t properly communicate the effectiveness of holistic treatments.

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