An Easy Guide to Holistic Acne Treatments

An Easy Guide to Holistic Acne Treatments

Salad Face. That is what my friends have spent YEARS gently calling me and teasing about. It only makes sense if you knew just how many attempts it took for me to find holistic acne treatments that actually cured my aggressive acne outbreaks. But maybe you do know exactly what I’m talking about…

I’ve tried hundreds of holistic acne treatments some including:

Honey – Raw… Manuka… Local… you name it.
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Essential Oil
Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E Oil
(Okay… let’s just say it’s safe to say I’ve tried … all the oils)

This is the ‘small’ list.

Surely, you’re starting to see the sense behind calling me a Salad Face right? Well F*** better than PIZZA FACE RIGHT? My best friend Simon has always told me I treat my face like a fine salad, and after years of these many attempts, he wasn’t wrong.

But before committing completely to my holistic health lifestyle- it wasn’t only delicious lettuce toppings going on this face. In the realm of “modern medicine,” I had experimented with everything under the sun, fortunately except for Accutane.

How birth control spiraled my skin out of control.

You see this acne apocalypse only ensued after high school ( I guess that’s lucky right? ). My Step-Father was an OBGYN, with easy access to prescription treatments. At 14 it was hello birth control! Though that’s likely what I have to thank for my lack of eruptive zits in school- getting off of it is certainly what sparked my once uncontrollable outbreaks.

That seems to be a common consensus- BIRTH CONTROL. Some may say it’s a blessing, for me, it was my curse.

It’s a bitter ex-lover ready to bite you in the ass the second you two break up.

At only 19 years old, there began my journey to regaining self-confidence. This journey has taken me 6 years of ups and downs, my hope for you is your suffering will stop here.

Though ACNE is a WIDELY discussed topic, I believe, it’s rarely done well. In fact, it’s the reason I’m here today. After what felt like a lifetime of scouring the internet for resources on the latest and greatest ‘acne cure’… everything seemed to fall flat.

Here is some advice that took me thousands and thousands of dollars and wasted hours to learn- everything you think you know about acne- is a lie.

Most of these lies are designed to feed off of your insecurities, to make you desperately believe the only way you can cure your breakouts is by WASHING YOUR FACE. So there you spend hundreds of dollars on different products that promise to help you control your face and have the radiant skin you can only dream of. 

Believe me, I’ve been there, and actually when it comes to some hormonal acne… I am still there. However, one pimple on my jawline is a small price to pay and give it some time we’ll get that problem worked out as well.

One thing you’ll need to note is the Cardinal Rule:
Not all skin is made equally.

What this means is we are all different, our skin responds and behaves so incredibly uniquely it’s impossible to say for certain what works for me will work for you- except, I do know in the realm of holistics… what works for me will most definitely get you started on the right track.

It’s taken years of torture, but I’m FINALLY confident in my skin. You will be too, with persistence and patience. Holistic acne treatments work because they get to the root of the problem. They aren’t just resolving the surface level problems, they are healing your body.

Here are a few starter tips, but please, ask questions, and continue to use this blog as a guide to your successful skin clearing journey.

1. Be brave… quit the chemicals.

  • You will hate me at first for this, I hated myself. To be completely honest with myself and YOU too, the first time I got off the chemical face washes and toners I panicked. My skin erupted and I couldn’t stand to look at myself. The second time, I pushed through determined to get to the end result. In the end letting go of the acids, Proactives, harsh chemicals, unpronounceable ingredients… saved my skin.
    Read More About Why This Works Here

2. Water, Water, Water.

  • Water, Water, Water.
    Both external AND internal you need to hydrate your skin inside and out. Focus on drinking more water and if you live in a city with HARD water, consider filtering your shower, and washing your face with clean filtered water. It’s recommended to drink half of your body weight in ounces a day (NOT POUNDS!).

3. Use gentle exfoliants.

Getting too harsh and abrasive with your exfoliants is a huge issue for most acne types. It’s irritating and tends to be overly aggressive. Gentle exfoliants like wash clothes are great. You can also try my favorite suction tool weekly Maple Flora’s Electronic Pore Vacuum.

4. Go without makeup during your cleanse.

  • If you can stand it.
    This was truly one of the hardest pieces for me, and I completely understand if you can’t commit. If that’s the case I recommend VERY gentle coverage, my favorite is Bare Minerals it’s lightweight and made for acne-prone skin types. For those of you willing to take the leap, quit the foundations, the primers, the chemical moisturizers many of these can be HUGE culprits to irritated skin.

5. Check your diet & YOUR GUT

  • Really I’m a firm believer that 99% of acne is internal. Think about hormonal acne… right? Your hormones start acting up and BAM you’ve got a jawline full of pimples. The rest of your acne is the same, typically an imbalance in your diet and especially your gut will cause a reaction on your skin. This reaction is designed to tell you HELLO PAY ATTENTION TO ME. In this case, you’re likely not eating a healthy or gut replenishing diet. TONS of GREENS, green supplements, and probiotics can really get this process started. I adore Tony Robbins, personally I recommend his Bio-Greens Superfood Supplement for a boost in your green intake. If you aren’t looking for a short cut stick to just incorporating probiotics and leafy greens into your diet the old fashioned way.

6. My Secret Recipe= Caveman Regimen + Norwex

  • The holy grail of my holistic acne treatments guide lies within the Caveman Regimen. The Caveman Regimen consists of only washing your face with water, or not washing your face at all. Scary right? You’d be surprised to know our skin, being an organ, is actually designed to fight off acne primarily on it’s own. We are just brainwashed to damage this layer. The biggest Kickstarter for my skin was going Caveman (yes even still I never wash my face) and on the rare occasion that I do, I use an anti-microbial washcloth. My mother recommended Norwex to me years ago, I was obsessed. Only a washcloth and water is all it took (for both me and my younger twin sisters who suffered from terrible subclinical forehead acne)! Read more about this method and how it’s done here

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