CBD & Chronic Back Pain

CBD & Chronic Back Pain

I was 15 years old when a roll-over car accident nearly took my life. We were young, dumb, having fun and a moment of cockiness sent our friend coasting down a one-way dirt road at 75 mph.

We flipped, 3 times to be exact. I remember hearing a voice that told me what to do, today I know her as one of my spirit guides, then she was just a voice I didn’t recognize. My side took the entirety of the impact, my window blew out, glass shattered across my face and right arm.

Im going to die.

As the SUV came to a screaming hault miraculously on all four tires, we froze for a moment. We were alive and had no idea how.

Flash forward a few months, after the terrible muscle pain left from the impact of the crash my body was beginning to heal. It was in Mr. Yee’s math class I remember leaning over the desk to add my name to my assignment when Travis came up behind me and kneed me in the ass.

That was the first day my back went out. My back spasmed with excruciating nerve pain, I couldn’t move.

It’s been 11 years since that day and let me tell you it’s been a long journey getting this back trauma under control.

Much like my acne experience, I had tried everything under the sun to stop the pain. Even in the recent years my back will provoke what I can only explain as a temporary paralysis. If I bend in just such a way I might fall to the ground in fetal position unable to stand, straighten my lower back, unable to stop the torture. I’ve been fortunate in the past to have men around when it happens, able to pick me up off the ground and move me to a safe, comfortable space.

My fear has always been what might happen if no one is there.
What might happen if I go hiking? What might happen in a store?

It was about two years ago when I discovered CBD. My back had gone out again, I had to work at a Taco & Beer festival here in Denver. Scooping up an old fold up stool as a walker, I was immobilized otherwise. Sitting in pain for 3, 9 hour days, sounded like hell on earth.

It was nothing short of a miracle when a woman who owned a local massage studio handed me a few sample pieces of CBD edibles.

” How will this help?” , I asked her.

She explained it’s anti-inflammatory properties and it’s ability to sooth intense pain.

You see I don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs, no Tylenol, Ibprofen, Advil, you name it. There is a strong belief that the body in pain, is simply the body sending you signals of distress. It’s as if your body is screaming “HELLO HELP ME.” When you pop in one of these drugs they simply mask the pain, most people continue with their day’s and it can eventually lead to more damage. With the severity of my back issues, and my holistic approach to life, I stay away from miracle drugs at all cost.

Well within 45 minutes of taking these little CBD treats, I felt a weight lifted off of me. My muscles were actually relaxing, the pain was subsiding, I stood up with no shooting pains.

The difference for me here was instead of masking the pain, I could truly feel it resolving the problem. My body & mind were relaxing, the tension was at ease. The difference again, I could still feel the existence of the problem, I couldn’t miraculously jump up and run a marathon. This was a game-changer for me.

I walked to her booth and she smiled. It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that I bought her concentrated sunflower oil, CBD tincture which I still use to this day.

The next day, I woke up and felt the difference. This remedy dramatically reduced the longevity of my normal back pain flareup.

I never turned back, and since then I haven’t had a paralyzing issue once. The signs of a flare up are there, I know my body. I know when my muscles are getting tight and the potential for an episode can arise. My solution now is simple, I load up on my CBD remedy to stop the issue before it gets started.

The reason I wanted to share this long winded tale with you today, is because there was a time I didn’t think I could function like a normal person ever again. A time where running, lifting and even yoga seemed like impossible feats.

After years of physical therapy, personal training and pain management nothing seemed to work. Being a young woman in my 20’s and having the back of a 90 year old women is frankly… embarrassing and scary.

So if you’ve been thinking about trying CBD as a remedy, here is your sign. GO FOR IT.

Yes, it is derivative from marijuana plants.
No, it does NOT get you high.
So what’s stopping you?

For those of you living in legal states like Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, my final note for you is to give a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio a try.

1:1 / 2:1 ratios consist of primarily CBD with very small doses of THC (Weed) to cut the edge. For frequent users you’ll hardly feel a difference, but for gals like me when the pain feels like it’s about to crank up the THC calms my mind from losing control.

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